Solutions - Logistics and transportation

Data capture and mobility for

  • warehouse management systems (WMS)
  • yard management systems (YMS)
  • parcel tracking systems (track&trace)
  • enterprise label printing


  • increase storage performance, better utilization of capacity & resources  reduce costs, errors, fewer complaints
  • higher turnover ratio, traceability
  • reduce costs, errors, fewer complaints

Transport management

Shipment from the warehouse is not end of logistics chain. Next step is  the transportation of goods to the customer or distribution center, wholesale and so on. Transportation management system allows you to optimize the use of means of transport, route optimization, comminicate by voice and data with the driver, to obtain from him information about the location, vehicle status, problems on the route and finally verified (usually scanning the bar code) the delivery at the destination point.

Today's mobile devices usually contain camera that allow capture visual informationa and records problems (damaged shipment).  Customer can signs on the device screen or make online credit card payments.

Wearables aand voice solutions

  • for operations which require free hands
  • smart glasses, smart gloves
  • wrist mobile terminals
  • finger scanners
  • voice mobile terminals


  • integration of barcode and RFID readers to your processes
  • identification gates, stacionary and mobile readers, wearables
  • consultancy
  • sw development

Video and presentation

Applied technology


References - Logistics and transportation

ZSSK Cargo

100 rugged tablets for data capture in the field.

COOP Vel.Meziříčí

WMS and mobile terminals Zebra for the distribution warehouse. Major improvement in speed and quality of preparation deliveries to COOP shops.

DB Schenker

Mobilní řešení svozu a rozvozu (proof-of-delivery) zásilek.

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