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You can be sure that the maintenance man checked all the machines that had, and has performed all required tasks? If equipped with a mobile terminal and the machine / control points marked barcode (or even better with RFID) everything will be clear: the terminal  displays him  a list of works (points of inspection), including the required tasks, scanning the bar code or RFID chip uniquely identifies the presence of service engineer, including recording date and time.

The collected data are easily transferred to the PC for further processing. Requirements for quality and traceability can then enforce the use of automatic identification (barcode, DPM, RFID) on the  production lines and rigorous recording information about their transactions (when, who, what part, lot / serial number, ...).

Manufacturing intra-logistic

  • receipt and loading of raw materials, semi-finished goods (SFG), including batch records, serial numbers
  • supply of the production line
  • labelling of finished products, transfer to the finished goods warehouse
  • cooperation with automation (automatic labelling of pallets, control of conveyors or autonomous trolleys)

Quality control

  • quality control at the input (raw materials, semi-finished products), batch/serial
  • use of barcode/RFID for identification, photo/video for condition recording (e.g. no damage to packaging)
  • connection of weighing systems (comparison of expected and actual package weights)
  • machine vision systems to check the correctness of the part and its placement in the package
  • storage of information in data warehouses for traceability

Production tracking

  • Collecting data from individual production steps using barcode (or RFID) and manual user input.
  • Evidence batches of materials and supplies.
  • Identification and registration of finished products.
  • Traceability.

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Windows Mobile

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Petainer CZ

Petainer Czech Holdings s.r.o. use Zebra mobile terminals for warehouse oprations including inventory count.

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