Solutions - Retail

Customer demands and competitive environment makes business firms operate as efficiently as possible and respond to market changes "in real time". But this is not possible without a credible, timely and accessible information at all times - and therefore without an adequate system of data collection in the field.

The shop again, help systems for revaluation or replenishment aisle warehouse management, based on automatic identification (barcode, RFID). Also "shop assistant" in the form of a tablet, which will enable sales staff provide a comprehensive customer information of products, accessories, prices...

Barcode and RFID for ERPs

Connect mobile barcode reader (mobile terminals) to your WMS or ERP and enable the mobility of workers. In cooperation with our partners we are also able to deliver a complete solution (hw, sw) distribution center or logistics companies.

Applications are widely adaptable to individual customer needs. You can choose various types of devices, communicate via WiFi or GSM (or even work fully offline), implement only processes which required by your bussiness.

Mobile sales

Comprehensive support work of the sales agent in the field, access to the actual information about customers, products, promotions and so on.
Reporting on the basis of data acquired OZ, timely and accurate data for management decisions without delay processing!
Collection orders and their transmission to handle their own logistics and wholesale firms (transfer order). Or direct billing field.
Highly flexible solution adapts to the needs of concrete company


Utilization of mobile terminals and barcode for replenishing goods on the shelf, checking prices and printing new price tags.

Customer assistance when buying (providing information via tablet or PDA, order entry, pricing information, total value of order etc.).

Management of back-end warehouse, transfer of goods to the shelf, recieving from a distribution center, inventory,

Video and presentation

Applied technology

Windows Mobile

New generation of warehouse solution!
Voice directed, utilizing touch screen and camera.