Solutions - Service

Effective management of teams, providing services to customers in the field, is a big challenge: at the moment to be at the right place equipped with the relevant parts, tools and knowledge!

This is only way to ensure that customer service was "on the first try," without the need for repeat visits. The company is also interested in maximum productivity at minimum cost, eg. reducing unnecessary journeys by better planning, reducing administrative costs ( because data from the field is provided in digital form), improving cash flow by faster invoicing ...

Field service

Increased productivity and the proportion of successful repairs "on the first attempt"
Reduction of staff in dispatching center, less voice communications between field engineer and dispatcher
A substantial reduction in administrative costs (printing requirements, no re-typing data to the IS, log book, material consumption etc.)
Improve control of the movement of labor and technicians, accounting material and spare parts
Improving the image of technology and supply companies

Meter reading for utilities

Records of water consumption, electricity, heat, gas using a mobile device with specialized software.
Implementing the exchange of instruments.
Identification of the gauge using a barcode or RFID chip
Automated meter reading using probes
Automatic checking the accuracy of reading
Visual documentation (photos of damaged seal, for example)

Mobile GIS

Navigating the scene of using a combination of vector and raster maps.

Tracking movement of workers using GIS.

Capture coordinates of objects and devices.

Connects map data and information base, provide actual information in the field.

Coordination of work in the field.

Video and presentation

Applied technology

Windows Mobile

Warehouse and production
all what you need!